Is Mercedes G-Wagon Cool?

Is Mercedes G-Wagon cool? Is G-Wagon the best SUV? Shall I buy a G-Wagon? These questions go forever. However, people who are asking these questions were not aware of the iconic G-Wagon ten years ago and they would be considering it, uggghhh what is that! 
Unfortunately, G-Wagon’s AMG model, G55 AMG preferred by the celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hillary Duff, some Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities of Los Angeles. And the interesting fact, in Los Angeles, you would never need a serious off-road vehicle like the G-Wagon. But most of the celebrities are usual lack of taste and when they see something unusual, they found it cool and ruin the product by consuming. 
The same happened to Mercedes G-Wagon! G-Wagon was designed for one purpose, off road! From the chassis to climate control buttons, everything designed for off-road not for the pavements of Los Angeles or London. Therefore, Mercedes G-Wagon is a painful car to drive on on-road. Steering-wheel is heavy, doors are heavy, the rear-suspension is a heavy-duty suspension. The aerodynamic efficiency of the G-Wagon is quite similar to Windsor Castle’s aerodynamic efficiency!
Basically, G-Wagon is designed for the off-road but due to its unusual popularity by the people who has no idea regarding to G-Wagon’s heritage. This SUV became uncool. I am really unhappy to see an iconic utilitarian vehicle became so uncool by the consumers. 
However, G-Wagon is still cool because it is rough and tough. It will never give a proper ride on the road and hopefully, the celebrities and wanna-be celebrities will shift to Range Rover and leave the G-Wagon to us :)
Despite the negative image of the G-Wagon, I still love it! But I would never buy an AMG version of the G-Wagon or with 22-inch wheel! Simple is the best with G-Wagon. Steel wheels, no leather seats. Just you and the rough terrain!
Lastly, I really wonder, if %1 of the G-Wagon owners ever used the differential locks?
Pictures are from Mercedes-Benz Instagram account