Nick Mason Interview: A Sicilian Dream Premiere in London

Few weeks ago, I met with Nick Mason from Pinky Floyd at the premiere of “A Sicilian Dream” in London. To be honest, I was waiting for many years to met with Nick Mason. The reason? His passion on motorsports and cars.

Hopefully, I had a chance to have a very quick interview him during the premiere and here it is.

What Targa Florio means to you?
It suppose to me it means, one of the greatest road races of all time. And my favourite sort of area in motorsports is the long distance racing. For me, Le Mans was the race, I always wanted to do by myself. Also done the retrospective versions of Mille Miglia, Carrera Panamericana. But the Targa Florio still has the relatively modern sports cars, 1970s the big 312 Ferraris cars like that. The cars I particularly love. Also I love seeing them on the film.

Did you have a chance to race in the Targa Florio?
No. That’s the one circuit I never did. Really nice actually to learn more about it.

What car do you drive?
Audi RS6 on daily basis or a motorbike a Ducatti. It does everything.

Nick Mason

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Photo Credit | A Sicilian Dream