Chanel’s iPhone 6 and 7 Case

Channel recently revealed their lates iPhone case for both 6 and 7. iPhone is considered as an expensive smartphone and nearly reaching the four digit price tag soon. The steady increase of the iPhone’s price is a good opportunity for the companies that are developing accessories. As the price of the phone goes up, the accessories’ price can go up easily.

When you this equation is harmonised with the luxury fashion, the price tag for a case can be more than the price of an iPhone. My suggestion sounds like a hypothesis, however Chanel proofed that I am correct.

Chanel’s iPhone case (I guess it fits with every iPhone) is priced for £1400 (starting from) in UK! Literally, the twice price of an entry level iPhone 7! What does it offer? Literally, I have no idea what the Chanel’s iPhone case is offering more than its competitors in terms of functional benefit. However, in terms of emotional benefit, probably it is the best one.

Chanel’s iPhone case was featured at the latest cat walk of the Chanel and perfectly matches with the latest season collection of the Chanel.

As the price of iPhone is going higher and higher, the fashion industry will use this trend as well.

Link to the Chanel’s website

Chanel iPhone Case Chanel iPhone Case Chanel iPhone Case Chanel iPhone Case Chanel iPhone Case

Photo Credits | Chanel