Bentley Built Their Last 6.75-lt V8 Engine

A few weeks ago, Bentley built their last 6.75-lt V8 engine. It was only used for the Mulsanne model. The iconic engine had been built for 60 years. It started its journey as a 180-hp engine, but now produces 500-hp. This engine became a part of the Bentley heritage: it was reliable, powerful and delivered the required torque without any hesitation. It revved up to 5,000 rpm, but was more than enough for a smooth acceleration.

Sadly, the sales of the Mulsanne fell heavily, and people were leaning towards SUVs. Therefore, Bentley had little option but to cease production of the Mulsanne and the iconic V8. The W12 will take over the role of this engine for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, it won’t create the same emotional experience.

I know that using a 60-year-old engine is not considered logical nowadays. On the other hand, manufacturing the same engine for a long period enables it to realise its potential and reach a level of near perfection (in a manner of speaking).

The end of the Mulsanne and the 6.75-lt V8 marks the end of an era at Bentley.

Images // Bentley