Ginetta: A Fashion Statement at Autosport International 2012 (Updated)

Today was my second day in Autosport International show. And you should expect to read about cars, but I would mention about a fashion statement from Ginetta. You may not know the Ginetta, it is a British Racing  car manufacturer since 2005. They have four different types of racing cars and two types of road legal cars.

Ginetta’s corporate colour is orange and this includes the models’ high heels! Honestly, I was not expecting this type of precise branding strategy, from car to toe in orange :)

And thanks Ginetta for the hospitality!

I met with the person who is responsible for this style, Rebecca. And she told me, it was done on purpose ;)6-inch Orange Heels 6-inch Orange Heels 6-inch Orange Heels 6-inch Orange Heels 6-inch Orange Heels 6-inch Orange Heels


Autosport International 2012 Birmingham NEC

Today I attended to Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK. I can summarise it with one word, amazing. If you are interested on automotive and you want to see everything in one place, there is no better option than this. I saw the Bugatti Veyron’s brake disk, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, Lexus LFA, Ferrari 458, new BMW M5 and 3 Series, Formula 1 Cars, new Porsche 911 and 918RSR and many more. If you have time, you should come and visit. You can find the ticket and other information below.

And thanks to RSM Agency for the great hospitality!

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