Tom Ford Beach Collection: Fucking Fabulous

We’re currently in a pandemic, and travelling isn’t easy. Just in case you’ve managed to get somewhere hot and next to the sea, you might consider making the occasion once in a lifetime with Tom Ford. Tom Ford recently revealed a beach collection for people who want to be stylish wherever they go.

Tom Ford’s beach collection is called ‘Fucking Fabulous.’ The collection comes with a nice beach towel and a beach tote bag. Both loudly feature the collection’s name, so be careful with any possible offence or negative reactions.

Both the towel and the tote bag are available in three striking colours: black, hot pink, and African violet. Try to avoid black because this colour will absorb the sun’s heat and burn you like nothing else!

Sadly, there are no shoes available to go with Tom Ford’s new collection. If you are brave enough, I would highly recommend Tom Ford’s Disco Ball platform sandals. They have enough surface to prevent sinking in the sand and complete your Tom Ford look with an outstanding style.

Photos // Tom Ford


Lockdown Loungewear, Maison Ernest 14cm Mules by EngineeringInHeels

Maison Ernest is an iconic French shoe brand founded in 1904. Unlike Louboutin, it managed to stay under the radar for decades but focused on its unique style and on pushing the boundaries with high-quality craftsmanship, especially its ‘Favorite Rouge’ 14cm mules.

For nearly two months, the world has been under lockdown, and we live and work at home. Unfortunately, many fashion labels still haven’t managed to rebrand their collections as loungewear. They still offer holiday collections, and I really don’t know who is buying them.

Despite the lockdown, there is a new opportunity that is slowly emerging. Loungewear! We don’t want to wear the same things again and again. After some time, we find it boring and miss the good old days, when we could wear something different.

During this lockdown, then, there are some opportunities, especially for shoe brands! This could include redefining home slippers or mules. Recently, Engineering In Heels decided to get rid of her boring slippers and colour up her loungewear style, and she started to wear some outstanding mules from Maison Ernest – the 14cm, no-platform mules called ‘Favourite Rouge’.

Maison Ernest designed these extreme heels by drawing on their long design heritage and created something unique that can be worn by someone who’s willing to take the risk. And there’s no better time than the lockdown to give a try to your most extreme heels at home. Not only will you cheer yourself up, but you may also find yourself a new style combination.

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You can find these heeled mules from this link

Photos // EngineeringInHeels


Exercise with YSL High Heeled Mules and Gold Dumbbells

Life in the middle of a pandemic is extraordinary. We have experienced things that would normally only happen in cheap science-fiction movies. I don’t want to write about the pandemic yet again. Nevertheless, I would like to highlight some of the ‘fun aspects’ of the pandemic, achieved thanks to YSL.

2020 and 2021 were and are the years of working and exercising at home. We saw many companies try to revise their products to match the new expectations of consumers. Some of them did well, some of them failed, and some of them achieved something truly transformational. That’s YSL!

YSL recently introduced a set of dumbbells to exercise with at home, at a cost of £850! You don’t need to convert this into your own currency. It’s clearly expensive.

These are just two gold-painted dumbbells. They are not anything special. For instance, they do not contain microchips to connect with your smartphone. They are simply metal weights. You can probably find similar ones at your nearest junkyard.

In case you are not yet surprised enough, let’s take another example. YSL have also introduced a pair of fluffy stiletto mules with 10cm heels. As people don’t go out often these days, I assume these mules are designed to be worn at home. And I have great news: these fluffy stiletto mules are only £850!

So, you can exercise at home with gold-painted dumbbells, while wearing your fluffy stilettos, for just £1700! Cheaper than a MacBook Pro 16-inch laptop. From a human psychological perspective, I have no doubt that these YSL dumbbells and mules will generate a few smiles during these pandemic times.


Fluffy High Heeled Mules

Images // YSL


Christian Louboutin Epic Heels Collection

Recently Christian Louboutin introduced a bold collection called Epic. This collection features only eight heels with 100mm galvanised nickel stiletto heels. This means, no matter what condition the Epic collection is worn in, rain, snow, or sun, the metal heels will not corrode, which is an imperative feature.

A few years ago, Louboutin created a similar collection called Big Lips, which featured lightly higher but the same category of metal heels. From time to time fashion repeats itself!

The Epic collection has a wide range of sexy and eye-catching heels! Starting with classical sandals and ending up with thigh-high stiletto patent boots. I assume there will be a mule version of the Epic collection imminently. As the name implies, these heels are epic and when you wear a pair with the right dress, you will also be epic on any occasion.

Keep in mind Epic Et French thigh-high boots may take a very long time to tie up, so if you are in a hurry, they may not be the best pair of boots for you.

The Epic collection ends up with a hilarious AirPod Pro case that can be attached to the back of the Epic Et Pointe pumps, which will dangle as you walk. Yes, you are going to carry your Apple AirPod Pros at the back of your heels. If the AirPods are damaged, it may be tough to explain to Apple why you carried them on the back of your heels.

Here are the links to the Epic heels collections
Epic Dance 100mm
Epic Boot 100mm
Epic Ezip 100mm
Et Pic Et Pump Strass 100mm
Epic Et Pointe 100mm
Epic Et French 100mm
Elisa AirPods Pro

Image // Christian Louboutin


The Fluffy Christian Louboutin Astro Pointue

Christian Louboutin made the fluffiest boots for the winter, Aston Pointue!

The winter is coming, and it is only a month away. In some parts of the world it has started to snow and people are getting ready for the ski season, though the pandemic might have pushed off the possibility of skiing.

If you’re sad that you won’t be able to visit the French alps and slide down the slopes, I have a solution. Christian Louboutin Aston Pointue boots with 85 mm heels! The heels are short, but the fluffy design is terrific. They are the only huggable high heeled boots available. I am sure these fluffy ski boots will put you into the right snow of winter.

If you manage to visit a ski slope, do not try these boots on snow. I don’t think they are designed for that environment.

Here is the link

Images // Christian Louboutin


The Best Red Soles: Christian Louboutin Suola Kate and Suola So Kate

Update! Christian Louboutin offers Soula So Kate 120mm in their online US store. The same design with higher heels. Unfortunately, Soula So Kate is not available Europe and I don’t know why. 

I have great news! Christian Louboutin decided to paint the inner sole of their Soula Kate 100mm heels. The heels now have red rhinestone soles. I have no clue how they will stay intact!

Anyway, let’s start. The heels’ design is based on the iconic So Kate 120 mm heels. So Kate heels are named after Kate Moss, so I have no clue how this happened. As I had shoe designer clients in the past, I know that 120 mm heels are not that comfy or popular. Buyers may therefore not order them as much as expected. However, a small revision in heels height can frame the So Kate heels as the perfect pair to own.

And they did it, they just made the heels a little shorter and painted the inner soles in red. That’s nice! I have never seen a pair of heels or shoes with red inner soles. Let me guess what you’re thinking: will it paint my feet? I hope not. Since the Christian Louboutin is a luxury brand and has extensive knowledge in shoemaking, I don’t think you’ll end up with red feet. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be that bad.

Now, these heels created a new problem: how to show off your red inner soles. You will be showing off the red rhinestones, but the magic doesn’t stop there! New design, new challenges.

By the way, these heels are limited to 25 pairs and only available online. If you visited this page in 2025, it is too late :(

And the price is £2145!

Suola Kate 100mm

Suola So Kate 120mm

Suola Kate 100mm

Suola So Kate 120mm

Photo Credit // Christian Louboutin + Vassilis Karidis


Dsquared2 High Heeled Rain Boots

We are in the middle of the summer, but still, it rains a lot across the world. During the summer (and also in autumn), rain is the biggest obstacle to looking beautiful and chic! Being ready for the rain is like walking around the beach with a scuba diving costume.

When there is rain and mud, what do you need? You need a pair of boots! However, rain boots don’t look cool, and if you are addicted to heels, you will have a lower altitude experience with their flat sole. If you aren’t prepared to ditch the heels despite the rain, you either ruin your daily shoes or end up with winter boots with heels.

DSquared2 have offered a solution to this problem – high heeled rain boots. They are still elegant, in that they are a pair of heels, and you have the functionality of rain boots without looking like you just left the farm in your wellies. Literally, form and function are equal.

If you are looking for a pair of rain boots and love heels, these boots were made for you.


Images // DSquared2


How to Buy 160mm Christian Louboutin Heels?

More precisely, “What Happened to Christian Louboutin’s 160mm Heels?”

The Christian Louboutin brand is deeply associated with skyscraper heels in the fashion industry. When you look at the heritage of Louboutin, all its designs were pushing the boundaries of footwear; primarily making heels higher than ever before. This approach does not fit consistently with the Bauhaus design principle of ‘form follows function’. Instead, the form of a heel is more important than its function for Louboutin. Louboutin heels reached the height of 170mm a couple of years ago.

I know it is not a big thing, but Engineering In Heels captured my attention with one of her recent videos. She said you couldn’t get 150 or 160mm Louboutin heels anymore.

Surprised, I visited the Louboutin website and noticed that most of the product range is now around 100mm and lower. Shoe options with a 120mm heel height are limited, with only the So Kate and Pigalle range reaching this height, and there were very few 130, 140 and 150mm heels. Given that Louboutin was famous for outrageous heel height, I can imagine many Louboutin fans are not happy with this change in direction.

It is likely that two factors underpin this decision. Based on my experience working with shoe designers, very high heeled shoes do not sell in large quantities. People may love to see them, but they don’t wish to wear them, and this impacts the revenue of a business. As Louboutin is making more than half-a-million shoes per year, they need to consider customers’ taste. However, a well-renowned high heel brand choosing to make average height heels is a bit like making Ferraris more fuel-efficient. It fundamentally contradicts the brand’s heritage and DNA.

The second reason that may have resulted in reducing heel height may be that competitors are not making skyscraper heels anymore. Louboutin, therefore, may have elected to follow the trend to keep their revenue high and their shoes in demand.

Or has Mr Louboutin simply become bored with designing skyscraper heels?

What do you think?

Thank you very much to EngineeringInHeels for the photos. Follow her journey on Patreon

Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels)

Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels) Christian Louboutin 160mm Heels (EngineeringInHeels)


How to Wear Red High Heels by Engineering In Heels 👠

As the world of emojis is becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives, one – the red high heels emoji – has captured my attention. As I have had shoe designer clients in the past, I would like to focus on this emoji and give some examples of how to get the best from your red high heels in real life!

For this post, I took some inspiration from Engineering in Heels’ photo collection. She has two pairs of red high-heeled pumps; Jimmy Anouk 120mm and Brian Atwood 130mm heels. The Brian Atwood pumps are limited editions and are hard to find.

Here are some examples of how to get the most out of your red high heeled pumps! Let’s start with the measurement – it’s always a good idea to measure the height of your heels. What manufacturers and sellers claim on their website might be different from the actual height. If they’re taller, that’s a great deal!

You can wear red pumps when you’re upside-down next to a Christmas tree. You can wear them to load your VW Golf GTI on a winter’s day. You can combine them with a red coat. They’re ideal for cross-legged sitting. Admittedly it might not be a great idea to wear them in the rain. They’re excellent for climbing stairs. If you want, they can be subtle. Last but not least, just combine them with a casual outfit and walk around your home.

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Brian Atwood FM 130mm

Jimmy Choo Anouk

Jimmy Choo Anouk

Jimmy Choo Anouk

Jimmy Choo Anouk

Jimmy Choo Anouk

Jimmy Choo Anouk

Brian Atwood FM 130mm

Brian Atwood FM 130mm

Copyright // Engineering In Heels


Vacuuming in Christian Louboutin 150mm Choca

Vacuuming is not the most tempting thing to do at home and it is quite boring. It is loud and you have to run after dust; however, you have to do it. So, I have recently discovered there is a way to turn the boring vacuuming into an exciting experience via Louboutin heels.

I have a great solution for this fundamental problem, get a pair of Christian Louboutin 150mm Choca heels. Luckily, EngineeringInHeels tried this recently with her 150mm Louboutins. From a logical perspective, you won’t be able to wear these red soles all the time and you may not wish to wear them outside. In fact, should you wish to wear them, here is a great opportunity. The boring vacuuming will become a posh experience and you won’t be bothered with the time frame of the task; because, you are wearing your favourite Louboutin heels.

In addition to this, the high heels leave less footprint on the floor and you don’t really have to wear Louboutins to go everywhere. You will be vacuuming with a pair of Louboutins that have clean soles and they won’t leave any more dust, as the toe section and the heel tip are the only parts to touch the ground.

To cut a long story short, if you wish to turn daily boring housework into something exciting, get a pair of 150mm Louboutin heels and wear them. You will lose all sense of time whilst enjoying your Louboutins.

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Christian Louboutin Choca 150mm

Christian Louboutin Choca 150mm

Christian Louboutin Choca 150mm

Photo Credit // EngineeringInHeels