How to run ESP?

ESP, DSC, VSC, MSP, CST; they all the do the same. Electronic stability control! These systems help to prevent unintended skids like under steer or overseer. This system has several G sensors and monitors the directions of vehicle, angle of steering wheel, traction levels and if car starts to go somewhere you are not suppose to go, system applied brakes to tyres to prevent any under or overseer.
This is the dictionary definition of this system. Why I am telling this? Nowadays you can find ESP on many cars and in following five years, it will be common like ABS! But most of us don’t know how to test the ESP ;) In 2001, when we have the Ford Mondeo with ESP; I had this problem. How this system starts working. And here is the solution.
If you are not living in a place where it snows all the time, you cannot the flashing light of ESP on your screen. ESP system starts to work immediately with erk test. This test became popular from Sweden, as they have many deers walking around; they created a way to test cars’ handling ability if they face with a deer. Sudden left turn then right turn then left turn. If you are driving a very tall car without the definition of handling, you can only achieve left turn then right turn and rollover. So, ESP works before you rollover. But never try to the limits of physics ;)
You can watch the video for details. And it was invented by Bosch and first used by Mercedes ;)
Bosch ESP Experience