Love Actually 2 Trailer | Unofficial and a Bit Fake

Love Actually 2 trailer is on YouTube. I know you got excited when you read the title, like I do. However, there is no official Love Actually 2, but there is an unofficial Love Actually 2 trailer.
If you were born in 1990s, you literally have no idea about the movie Love Actually in 2003. Anyway, this year, it was the tenth year anniversary of the Love Actually. It was a British romantic comedy for the Christmas with many celebrities. 
Actually, I have just realised that Denise Richards was starring in the movie, it took more than ten years to realise and three times of watching the movie. Better than never. But I remember her from the James Bond movie.
Unfortunately, there is no Love Actually 2. Instead of that we had many senseless and pointless and meaningless movies with lots of cars going really fast and many people are jumping like Super Mario and they made second, third, fourth. But we didn’t have Love Actually 2, they even did American Pie Reunion!
Anyway, I love the fake Love Actually 2 trailer and you can see how characters in Love Actually ended up.
And sorry Denise :(

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