Leica V-Lux 40: Early Valentine’s Day Present

Leica V-Lux 40 is a pocket size 14,1-megapixel digital camera with 20x optical zoom. And the cheapest Leica you can purchase, with the price tag of £550! I know this price tag is very close to some of them DSLR cameras on market. However there is minor a problem, if you want to buy a DSLR with a 20x optical zoom lenses from Leica, the price tag will not stay inside the barrier of £550. It will jump to shocking levels!
Basically, Leica V-Lux 40 offers the best Leica experience for this. V-Lux 40 offers the usual suspect, the GPS function with touch screen display. I really don’t understand the point of GPS on a digital camera, as long as you won’t be constructing a building in the middle of Sahara desert, why do you need to tag your photos with GPS data. It consumes battery power, but people love it!
As you expected, the menus of Leica is from the Panasonic however, when you experience the V-Lux 40 you will realise that the menus on Leica is more comprehensive and provide more manual control than the Panasonic version! 
V-Lux 40 also offer 3D recording, which I find it another pointless function on digital camera, again people love this!
The lenses of the Leica offer 24-480 mm wide range with F/3.3-6.4. And the ISO levels up to 3200. According to results from the 3200 ISO level, the level of noise is acceptable but high ISO level is never recommended by the photographers. Do your best and try to take photos in lower ISO level with longer shutter speed by tripod. You will definitely see the improved quality of the photos. In addition, Leica is one of the best lenses makers in the world, if you manage to push the limits of the V-Lux 40, the results from the Leica will be amazing!
Many people will think that, you used a DSLR while taking the photos.
Lastly, each compact camera comes with the tendency to fall and hit to ground. Therefore, I highly recommend you to buy the original case for the Leica. It is £80, but you already paid £550 ;) 
Leica V-Lux 40 would be a great valentine’s day present. It is one of the best camera maker and never dissatisfied their customer and you will not feel that you bought something just expensive. Leica is expensive but it does worth!

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