Need for Speed: Most Wanted Car Chase with Remote Control Cars

Rob & Big, I have never heard of these guys until now. They are the American reality show stars with massive amount ratings to their show on MTV. And recently, I did create the chase scene of the Need for Speed: Most Wanted with remote control cars. This may sound a bit dull and you may not even watch the video.
If you change your mind and watch it, you will be surprised and shocked the quality of the work. And how they made it so realistic. I know the remote control cars, they are very hard to control and Rob & Big managed to oversteer the cars perfectly. The chase scenes are amazing, the rolling over moment and they even have a remote control helicopter.
I never thought that, it was possible to recreate a computer made video footage with remote control cars. However, they showed us it is possible to recreate! This is really the greatest remote control car chase ever :)