Would You Buy a Tom Ford Soap?

The world of luxury can be interesting and, sometimes, provide moments of considerable humour. Tom Ford has created an opportunity for such hilarity. This is the moment where luxury becomes really interesting. Typically, if you would like to own a Tom Ford piece, you have to sacrifice a serious amount of money. Tom Ford has, however introduced a new product that can be purchased by anyone!

The entry level product from Tom Ford, is soap. Yes, you can buy Tom Ford soap for £27. There is no need to convert this value to other currencies, because it is ridiculously expensive in any currency, just for soap. Most probably, it is made by a company who already makes really affordable soap. The £27 price tag goes to the Tom Ford embossment.

Will people buy this product from Tom Ford? Of course they will; now there is a Tom Ford product for everyone. It will give people a chance to become part of the Tom Ford world and experience the luxury the name carries.

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Photo Credit // Tom Ford