Uber vs Car Finance

Uber is the latest contribution to our lives from the tech industry that shakes the grounds of automotive industry. Having your personal driver is a great concept and also wide range of vehicle options are making things even better.

The idea is great and works really well. To be honest, I use Uber very often, because it is convenient. You know where your taxi is and when it will arrive from your smartphone. The Uber is a great solution to urban transportation problem. You really don’t need a car, when you can Uber it!

Actually, if you wish to limit your life within the limits of the Uber drivers, this is the best transportation solution for you. Keep in mind, Uber drivers have right to reject your journey, if they don’t want to go somewhere they can’t get a return customer or too far away from the city centre.

Literally, the urban life will be your jungle and literally have no chance to go outside of your Uber zone with a comfort of a car. You might be saying, trains are great for travelling. However, trains can’t stop when you wish to stop and take a photo of that moment and also you are restricted by their schedules and their routes.

Let’s assume you wish to travel somewhere outside of London and the Uber driver decided to accept your journey. You preferred to be driven in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and pay a massive fee per mile. The scenery looks great, been driven in an S-Class.

However, the long journey may force you to socialise with the driver and you may not be in the mood. Keep in mind, that S-Class covered enough miles to go around the world at least once! This means, the seats you are seating is used by many people and you may not have the same comfort as promised on the Mercedes-Benz website.

In addition, Uber drivers won’t be ticking the all option features of the cars. Nowadays, every car has lots of optional features and if you don’t tick them, what you will get is something slightly better than horse-driven carriage. So, picking up the right options for a car is really important.

If everything goes well, you will pay a small fortune to Uber journey, probably it will be enough to buy a new car. And this journey will be once in your lifetime. That’s fine. You may not wish to discover new places and happy with the urban jungle.

However, if you wish to discover more places with the Uber, it will be easier to buy a stock share of the Uber ad get free rides. This will be cheaper than paying all that Uber rides.

The positive side of using the Uber for long journeys, you will be Uber VIP customers. I have no clue what are the benefits are but they have this service.

Keep in mind, if you end up somewhere with no Uber back for your journey, you will be waiting for a very long time. And Uber will not wait for your all day.

The solution for all these problems can be solved by owning a car. But buying a car is uncool, who buys a car except grandparents. They are big, looks outdated and has lots of buttons to push but neither of them takes a Snapchat selfie.

At this moment, you are trying to upload great scenery photos to your Snapchat and Instagram and probably stuck with the urban jungle.

Owning a car will not tight you with the limits of the Uber, you will find great places to discover. Also, you can still use Uber in case you don’t wish to drive.

So how to buy a car? From Apple? Not yet! However, there are couple of financial solutions designed for your taste. You might be saying, Apple has a special financial system that is unique to them. Actually, no! Apple is using the same financial services to divide your iPhone cost. The same can be applied to your new car.

Keep in mind, cars are redesigned every seven years, you won’t be looking outdated for a very long time.

So, give a try to HSBC Car Finance tools;

Audi TT RS Roadster

Audi TT RS Roadster