%100 Cashmere ?

%100 cashmere what we all expect from a sweater. Especially, if we are paying high prices to luxury brands. Unfortunately, story doesn’t end like that! Most of our clothes even from expensive brands are made up from very different materials, even some of the materials which we never heard of them. But they look nice, nobody could deny this.
Increasing competition, fluctuating commodity prices and those kind of terms which we don’t know what they really mean is causing this. Minimize costs, maximize profit. Basics of economics or basics of MBA ? As the companies are trying to increase their profit margin they are looking for alternative materials for production and they end up with complicated labels which is flashback of chemistry lessons. We all know this thing, but we buy it. That’s the charm of the brands, as their spirit is more powerful than their products we ignore what was written on the label.
It is similar for automotive industry; twenty years ago most of the very well known brands were producing over engineered cars. With similar reasons, they tend to change their materials on their cars. Of course some of them for environment reasons and some of them to reduce costs to make investors happy. As the car brands’ power, we don’t want to accept the fact that they are reducing quality. We all want to believe their quality is rising. Of course, it is rising but in some facts, it is significantly going upside down. Then they realize it from customer feedbacks and they make revisions. We saw this many times in automotive industry, they make profit, then customers are sad and they make loss.
If you want to find %100 cashmere, check the labels carefully ;)