Want to be snob quickly? Here the chance! Mini First

Unlike Fiat 500, Mini turn into a snob icon as soon as it revealed to market again. Since it was first revealed with its “over priced” price tag, people rush into Mini. Some said, Madonna drives one; this is a cool car. So Madonna is doing yoga every day, are you doing it? Of course no! And Mini obsession spread to whole world. Especially in Turkey, East Asian countries, China, Gulf Countries; Mini turned into something which you must buy when you have a lot of money. Mini became a status symbol. I drive Mini, I have style. Matter of fact, you don’t have a style, you just copy someone else and try create an impression “I have a style”.
Of course, Mini is very good British German car. Drives well, good equipment, equivalent of go-kart, etc. As Mini became more popular than public buses on earth, its image started to be eroded. As a luxury good, or exiquiste brand we shouldn’t see Mini in every corner in everywhere on earth. And a typical Mini stereotype emerged; rich (or trying to look rich), young (sometimes old), stylish (relatively) and some of the have the impression of Alexander the Great when they go out of the car. And BMW understood this fact very well and expanded the model range, which I totally agree with them. If people love it, give it more ;)
And the Mini is First. When you don’t order with tech or design or salt package, what you will get is chilly Mini or raw Mini. As you could see from the picture below, it has plastic wheel covers like in Ford Transit. But I still salute BMW. There is a huge demand, they created a Minilogy and they are making money ;)
With the help of Mini First, people who desire to be snob has a cheaper alternative ;)
Honestly I like Mini, it offers really good technology and features and safety but it is very expensive for that car. I would rather go for Alfa Romeo MiTo which does not have the same quality with Mini but it has more passion. I know, you will say Alfa Romeo will break down, it won’t have the same quality, etc but it look better ;) We are not rational always in our decision!