Clubbing while travelling

During last five years car manufacturers found a new obsession after horsepower race. Actually this race did not catch every ones attention, as we focus horsepower, torque, safety. But below those lists there are some numbers which are getting bigger and bigger without any reason. When you tick the box next those numbers, you accept to turn your car into a mobile Ministry of Sound Club! Unfortunately, you won’t see any drunk celebrities’ under wear or drinking tequila shots like mineral water :)
Yes, those numbers are sound systems watt values! And they are getting bigger every year. Sound engineers are saying car’s interior is not very acoustics place for very powerful sound system, instead of huge watt powers we suppose to have more clear sound. I think car manufacturers skipped this small detail and started to race like they race for horsepower. Actually I love horsepower race, it makes me feel good. Mercedes offers 612 horsepowers in a sedan, Bentley unleashed 660 horsepower from British stables, Bugatti trained 1001 special horse for Veyron. When you have so much horse in a car, why should I need so many watts in my sound system? Naturally, as I also accept automotive is not just horsepower. All those extreme cars are consumed by rich people and they are looking for the same luxury level as they have it in their houses. I appreciate Bentley to offer Naim, Mercedes offers Harman/Kardon. The interesting point is who is going to rise to volume up to those thousand of watt levels? Car’s interior is not as big as your living room, okay Maybach is bigger than most of the usual houses, but in general that those very high sound powers will just help to lost concentration while driving and help to lose your hearing ability as fast as the accelerates to 100 km/h.
Aston Martin DBS: 517 horsepower, 1000 watts Bang&Olufsen
Bentley Mulsanne: 505 horsepower, 2200 watts Naim
Bentley Continental GT Speed: 610 horsepower, 1100 watts Naim
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport: 1001 horsepower, 300 watts Puccini (The most reasonable one!)
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