Unbelieveable news from Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta is one of the best looking small car on market, sorry VW! Despite the attractive and timeless design of Ford Fiesta there is a serious problem with Fiesta. It is using the worst automatic transmission on earth. Four-speed automatic! For people who has no idea of what is wrong with four-speed auto, let me explain it easier. This automatic transmission was used by Alexander The Great, and Ford could not manage to leave it!
Ford’s financial problem forced to use this transmission even in this new Fiesta. Hopefully, Ford is going to offer the new technology PowerShift (double clucth) automatic transmission. What will happen? This new transmission will be offering very quick, actually seamlessly gear changes and this will provide lower emissions level and more efficient consumption. This new gearbox will make Fiesta is the best small car on market. Reasonable priced, extremely good designed, and high technology :) There is only one thing left, a small turbo charged engine.