Expensive and Useless

When you say these two words; expensive and useless, I remember one thing in automotive industry! BMW’s iDrive technology. In 2001, BMW invented a minimalist design of controlling menus with one knob. Look great, sounds great and totally useless in reality unless you are twelve. Hopefully, BMW made some revision and iDrive became more usable but still useless :)
Recently, I saw a watch from Bell&Ross. 18 years old French watch manufacturer which loves to introduce bigger and bigger watches every season. Now they have introduced a net watch called “Radar”. Time is shown like a radar screeen, sound innovative but totally useless! In order to understand the time, you have to spent five minutes and read the user manual several times.
Bell&Ross and BMW share one thing in common; they are very innovative but their products time-to-time useless!
Pictures are from;
BMW Website
Bell&Ross Website