FlashForward, too fast to forward :)

Recently a new science fiction TV Series has started. The whole world saw their future for 2:17 minutes. It is called FlashForward. The interesting thing I noticed was something totally different. In second episode Mark flies to Germany to see the person who asked to talk with him. There is no problem also! And he flied to Germany, no problem. But he flied with his car :) He put the Mercedes S Class to luggage and brought the car with him. How I came with this story?
The car you are looking at is a US Spec Mercedes S Class! You can understand this by identifying the orange light in front the front tyre. The cars in US must have that orange light in front their front tyres. This option is not available in Europe, actually there might be some exceptions but it is very very rare in Germany. Someone should export the car from US to Germany where the car is actually manufactured.
Here it is the production mistake :) They suppose to erase that orange light on computer.