Inside out Jeremy

Sometimes I do like Clarkson’s non objective review on cars. Mainly I agree on many of them. And he is mentioning the right points which are ridiculous. Especially I cannot agree more on his thoughts on American cars. In some cases Mercedes public bus is a better choice! And last year, we all how other perceive American cars.
One of the most interesting things about American cars is where they were using wood! Clarkson mentioned this many time because it is senseless way of using it. Some American cars were using wood as a part of paint in outside of the car! It is similar to a dress on salad which supposes to be inside the salad. Hopefully they are doing this anymore.
Clarkson missed one point though. In UK they do the same thing. Just look at the buildings which were built between sixties and eighties. They look like a wood covered American car. Why? The material which was used outside on those buildings supposes to be inside the walls. Not inside the building, inside the walls! As you could see from the picture, it looks totally ugly, boring and lack of everything. Hopefully they are not constructing buildings like that anymore.
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