When Top Gear Starts? Unofficial Preview

When Top Gear‘s new season starts? Here is the answer, 27th January 2013 at BBC2 on 20.00 GMT.
Here is the unofficial preview of the next season of Top Gear. Top Gear tries to use Bentley Continental GT as a WRC car. And also Top Gear tried to jump Mini’s in a platform in France but they failed!

BMW X6 Tows a Snow Blower on a Mountain Video

BMW X6 tows a snow blower! This definitely sounds impossible, because BMW X6 is the most popular vehicle of urban people. There is nothing associated with X6 and off road, however BMW X6 offers the most sophisticated electronic traction control system, xDrive that offers very quick response system to avoid traction loss.
I know that xDrive is really rapid and useful but I never thought that, a BMW X6 was capable of towing a snow blower on a ski resort.
Video seems to be true and speaking voice emphasises this as well. However, some people may not think the same way I think, therefore I highly recommend BMW to upload a back stage video of this one. Believe me, it will work more!
The X6 on the video is the diesel model X6 xDrive40d: 3-lt diesel engine with 306 HP and 600 Nm of torque. And after this video, Jeremy Clarkson’s review on X6 sounds a bit wrong.

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Jeremy Clarkson vs. Ben Collins: The Stig

Jeremy Clarkson strikes back for The Stig! Ben Collins, TheStig from 2003 to 2010 was the second Stig in BBC Top Gear show. Collins kept his identity undercover for eight years until he said enough is enough. 
All of a sudden, Ben Collins revealed his identity and a huge dispute started with Jeremy Clarkson. They did not argue on TV face-to-face but in media, they used their all power. Clarkson wrote about his feelings for Ben Collins on his columns and Collins wrote a book about his life as The Stig. Then Clarkson made a short footage of The Stig, where they have many of them and implied that Ben Collins is not the only Stig.
However, this battle vanished from the media and we almost forget. Until now!
Jeremy Clarkson recently revealed his book about The Stig, The Stig: The Untold Story. I haven’t read the book yet, therefore I cannot comment on Clarkson’s words. But I know something, the Clarkson strikes back!
Ben Collins:
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Top Gear Live 2011 NEC Birmingham

Yesterday I had to wake up early and it was Sunday! On Sundays, nobody likes to wake up early but I had a great motivation for it. I had a press ticket for Top Gear Live in Birmingham and I didn’t wish to miss this opportunity. So, I travelled to Birmingham NEC for the show. It was very crowded, I think half of the Birmingham woke up early yesterday :)

The exhibition area was excellent, I had chance to see the interesting cars featured on Top Gear. Hopefully, the cars have the dirts from the adventures. However the best bit was not the Top Gear cars, it was the Mercedes CLK GTR. This car is one of the most expensive car in the end of 1990s. It was built from LeMans races and had a very distinctive style. And, it is really hard to spot one. Because, it was so expensive and not available anymore. Hopefully, there was on CLK GTR in the exhibition. I forgot to say, there was a Ferrari 250 GTO!

The show! As you would expect, Clarkson made lots of fires, explosions and many other things. I wasn’t shocked with these things. However, the show was more than a car show, it was like a dance show done with many cars. The time sequences of their movements and the accuracy was amazing. I really appreciate the drivers, it may look easy but I am sure that, it is really hard to do all these moves without any mistake.

The main concept of the show was recreation of Olympics based on the car mentality. And it was really funny :) But I don’t want to talk more, but you should see it! It is an excellent transformation of Olympics games conducted by cars. You shouldn’t miss see the curling with real cars!

And lastly, if you still hesitating to go. There are thirteen reasons, which will motivate to go! Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458, Ferrari California, Mercedes SLS Cabrio, Aston Martin DBS Volante, Alfa Romeo 8C, Ferrari 599 GTO, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Audi R8 and two more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the last two.

And special thanks to Performance PR.

You still have chance to see this amazing show, just click check the link.





Clarkson with Emotional Tones

Don’t misinterpret the title, he didn’t appear in Pride and Prejudice! Actually, he is the voice of a video game’s trail with an emotional tone. If you don’t understand English, you might be thinking Clarkson is talking about love, happiness, emotions. But he was not, he transformed the emotional bond between the car and the human into emotional words with emotional tones.
Honestly, the footage is amazing and Clarkson did a great job! Actually, I never heard of this video game until now :)


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Road Test from 1993

During 1990s; ABS, ASR, ESP, Airbag were the most favourite features of automotive industry. Many manufacturers charged extra money for these features and some of them are offered them as free! However, there were some features least likely to appear in standard list; the electric windows!
Many manufacturers offered ABS or Airbag as standard feature but, they charged extra money for electric windows. Which of them? Basically, all of them! Mercedes, Ford, BMW, Land Rover and others. And here is the proof by Jeremy Clarkson. He test drove a Mercedes C-Class with ABS and Airbag but no electric windows.

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Jeremy Clarkson tests Mercedes 600 SEL

You didn’t read wrong, Mercedes 600 SEL. I recently found a vintage video on YouTube with Clarkson. He was testing the 600 SEL when it was first revealed in 1991! It has state of art technologies like; park meter with a raising stick, remote closing windows.

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The Stig’s dilemma explained with Katie Price :)

Stig! He is the most important issue of automotive industry. CO2 levels, global crisis, high petrol prices are not that important for automotive! Everyone knows the answers of these problems, thousands of people are writing about solution every second. But nobody knows who the real Stig is! Until, last couple of weeks.
The white Stig from BBC TopGear is always a mystery for people. There are millions of predictions for Stig, some people thought it was Schumacher or other former Formula 1 drivers. The main reason for this curiosity, is the unbelievable talent of Stig. He was faster than any Formula 1 driver on TopGear’s test track, sorry except Barrichello!
Stig never failed during the laps, except Koenigsegg without wing. He is the perfection of driving. And nobody could able to see his face. I thought the TopGear’s stars saw Stig with casual cloths but he was inside his white suit all the time and his real personality only known by very few people in BBC.
A very basic Google search easily proofs his popularity! 17 millions of hits for Stig and only 10 millions of hits for silicone powered Katie Price (aka Jordan). This is unbelievable, a car show character have more attention than partially naked women!
From this very simple calculation, Stig was supposed to earn more money and Katie Price! However the reality of Stig’s income was the same reality of Katie’s silicone boobs. Fake! From the news, we can understand BBC was giving only a micro portion of Stig phenomenon to Ben Collins and he realized this, like every normal human being. Then he started to write a book about Stig. Unfortunately this happened with previous Black Stig also, he wrote book and BBC killed him. The identity crisis of Stigs is based on money! Because, BBC is making fortune from Stig and he is just making more money and giving driving instructor lessons.
As long as BBC keeps Stig’s budget as tight as Katie’s t-shirts, each Stig will reveal a book :)
By the way my suggestion for the Stig is Tiff Needell!
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Sense of fashion by Jeremy Clarkson

Many of you did not watch TopGear yesterday. World cup was a better option, actually I don’t like football and world cup was not something very interesting for me! The ones who did not watch TopGear missed something!
For many years, Jeremy Clarkson was an icon for catastrophic sense of fashion. Contrary to his knowledge on automotive, he is a one start rated EuroNCAP crash test for fashion. He wears the same things for decades! I know many of his clothes are from designer brands but the way he combines them are worse than Cee’d!
However yesterday, something has happened and he remembered that there is something called fashion! And hopefully he was looking decent. Sometimes I agree his comments for automotive but for fashion, no way! Richard Hammond is doing much better than Clarkson ;)

Inside out Jeremy

Sometimes I do like Clarkson’s non objective review on cars. Mainly I agree on many of them. And he is mentioning the right points which are ridiculous. Especially I cannot agree more on his thoughts on American cars. In some cases Mercedes public bus is a better choice! And last year, we all how other perceive American cars.
One of the most interesting things about American cars is where they were using wood! Clarkson mentioned this many time because it is senseless way of using it. Some American cars were using wood as a part of paint in outside of the car! It is similar to a dress on salad which supposes to be inside the salad. Hopefully they are doing this anymore.
Clarkson missed one point though. In UK they do the same thing. Just look at the buildings which were built between sixties and eighties. They look like a wood covered American car. Why? The material which was used outside on those buildings supposes to be inside the walls. Not inside the building, inside the walls! As you could see from the picture, it looks totally ugly, boring and lack of everything. Hopefully they are not constructing buildings like that anymore.
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