Limits of creativity under pressure

Last year automotive industry was under heavy stress due to sudden loss of demand and they tried everything to survive in this economic jungle. Hopefully, world economy start to move on and demand to cars started to increase. Unfortunately, brands like Seat which is struggling to create a brand image on stakeholders. Even the Skoda manage to create its brand image and people know what Skoda is offering and they are not demanding more.
However Seat’s vehicle range has a serious problem of looking the same. Leon, Altea, Toledo are the same, I know that Seat dealer is defining the minor difference between which cannot be observed without an electron microscope. Also its price is not very competitive and people are reluctant to buy a Seat. The sales performance of Seat was a question mark in VW’s annual reports every year. Hopefully the new Ibiza is looking a proper small hatchback but the unclear brand image of Seat is still an obstacle to achieve a success.
A few days ago Seat introduced a new model, like WorldCarFans website I still expect this ridiculous car a joke. Seat Leon Ecomotive with 545lt, yes 545lt diesel tank and capable of doing 10 000 miles (16 900 km) with single fill. In order to produce this pointless car, Seat removed the rear seat and place this huge tank. And driver will be coupled with exquisite smell of diesel while driving and also extra of nearly five hundred kilos. This car cannot be filled in normal petrol station and driver should visit the workshop for filling. As Seat mentioned, this car will help to save time for fuelling! Instead of filling your car in petrol station your lungs will be filled with diesel essence.
I am still expecting to hear that, this car is a joke. The shock of economic crisis and dissatisfying performance of sales forced Seat engineers to find something totally pointless :( I think Seat will not offer any smoker option in this car ;)

Pictures are taken from;
Worldcarfans Website