Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 is the new racer model of SLS AMG. SLS AMG is not my favourite car and I do not consider to buy one if I win lotto. This new racer is actually looks really good, both from inside and to outside. There is a bit of sharing interior in this racer and that’s really good! Unfortunately, Mercedes is not offering this as a road legal car and we cannot have any of its design bits. Mercedes should have designed a much better interior and exterior to avoid being forgotten in future and stop producing disposable super cars ;)
I real super car should have remarkable design which will avoid to be forgotten. Cars like 300SLR was beyond their time era, therefore SLS AMG must have been beyond 2010! Unless these cars cannot be go beyond a mass production car. Supercar is not only horse power or transmission, it should have a character which can be noticed every angle.
Pictures are from;
Mercedes Website