Forgotten beauty, VW Phaëton

Phaëton; for many of you this word does not mean anything, or you just remember something but that’s not clear! Phaëton is coming Greek Mythology, however VW decide to honour this mythological value with a car which cannot be remembered by many people. VW Phaëton is similar to brands which were forgotten in department stores. Places like Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue or Selfridges there are millions of brands and we cannot even remember many of them after we left the store. Sometimes those brands which cannot be remembered might be the best designed one. Like in automotive business, fashion business has its emperors and anything new to this jungle has to do much to gain a place!
In Phaëton case things are bit different! It was not the fault of Phaëton, it was being badged as VW. Unlike contemporary fashion brands, VW is very well known but its product is suffering to be forgotten. Unfortunately, VW brand is not perceived like Mercedes for luxury segment, therefore people don’t consider this as an option to buy. However this forgotten car had always very remarkable design, now with the face lift it became one of the best designed car on its segment. Actually, it is much better looking that Audi A8, sorry!
F Segment cars; Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, Maserati Quattroporte, Jaguar XJ and Audi A8 are the players in this segment. As you can imagine, competition is really tough! Similar to haute coutre business! As you expected the king of this market is Mercedes S Class, despite it looks too traditional many people still adore this car. Maserati Quattroporte is the playboy car of this segment, actually this is the only car which has a proper soul in it. But it does not offer the sophisticated toys like in Mercedes. And we know the Jaguar, it is Jaguar :) Audi A8 is trying everything to compete with BMW and Mercedes but it does not have so much competitive power but there are many people who loves it. And honestly, A8 is very good car.
The Phaëton, I don’t know why since it was first revealed I liked this car. There was something different in this car, may be it was the new car in this segment, may be its unique technologies like human friendly climate control. But it could not compete with its rivals and became a icon for VW.
However the new facelifted model is totally something different. Actually it is more than face lift, this Phaëton look gorgeous! Especially the production quality inside is superb and the front grille is exquisite. Also it has many technologies put inside.
I think if you wish to buy something different and reliable, you should check Phaëton! It is really worth every word. Like the brand which we forgot in department store :)
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Maserati Quattrporte
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