Best perfume for your Bentley and Rolls Royce

Perfumes and cars are not directly related with each other. As the cars tends to make smoke and horrible smell for many years, nobody ever tried to put them together. Until the French car manufacturer, Citroën offered some kind of perfume kit for interior. But I have never seen someone who likes that stuff!

Recently Italian fashion brand Dsquared introduced a new perfume series called Wood. It name is not that attractive like other perfumes and I ignored its advertisement on magazines. When I saw it in stores, I found it interesting! The bottle was covered with wood! Yes, matte wood. If you are interested on cars, you will understand what I am saying. Wood, a real wood looks magnificent inside the car and light wood interior looks much better than carbon fibre. As I saw the wood covered bottle, I tried the tester. Surprisingly, it was smelling better than I expected. Dsquared2 was never in my radar, as it is charging huge amount of prices for their designs. Contrary, the wood covered and has the impression of interior of a luxury car was a great idea.

Actually Porsche Design should have done this earlier with their metal covered perfume bottle, because I never liked it. It has the impression of forgotten car part. And nobody wants to have a bottle which looks like a air filter.

If you are planning to buy a perfume and have a cool looking luxury bottle, try Dsquared Wood. Honestly, it can be purchased just for the bottle also. However if you own a Rolls Royce or Bentley, you can ignore it, because you already have enough wood inside your car :)

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