Bigger the better? I don’t think so, at least for Mercedes AMGs

For quite long time there was a serious problem for men! Matching their ties with their shirts, of course not! Something more serious than this. Showing off the differentiating character of their enormously and ridiculously powered Mercedes CL65 AMG.
If you don’t know what this car is, let me describe you. Mercede CL is a huge coupe car, as big as yacht with two doors. Actually it has a great driving character which combines sportive driving with exquisite comfort. That’s a great car to drive. AMG means, Mercedes’s crazy modification department. Give them a car and you will get tiger. This happens to every Mercedes car; Mercedes C63 AMG, E63 AMG, S63 AMG, SL63 AMG, S65 AMG, SL65 AMG and more. You might have noticed there is 63 and 65. And this is where the problem starts!
Mercedes engineers in Deutschland thought one day, we should put more and more and more horsepower to our AMG cars and drivers will not able to control them but they could pay more for nothing. Actually this is the truth with 65 models. It is impossible to understand the difference between 63 and 65 but does it stop people buying 65 ? Of course no!
May be Freud (psychologist) can explain this with his models but there is no need for this. This is just a marketing thing. 65 engine is a twin turbo powered six cylinder V shaped twelve cylinders This engine is producing for CL Class, 630 horsepower. This car has six VW Golf inside the inside! And producing 1000 nm of torque. This means, if you manage to connect this engine world you can easily control the way earth is rotating.
Does the 63 engine weak? No, it is producing 544 horsepower for CL Class with 800 nm torque. Still power is enormous. However when you buy a CL65 AMG, nobody realize the difference very clearly. And it was a big emotional problem for their owners. They were paying more money and nobody realizes it and they cannot show off their power in New Bond Street, London.
So, Mercedes found a superb solution for this. For many years many CL65 AMG owners were waiting for this. Very significant, very characteristic difference! With new face lifted Mercedes CL, 65 model is coming with round shaped exhaust and 63 model is coming with square shaped exhaust. What a wonderful solution :) From now on, Mercedes CL65 AMG owner can show off more clearly, more with something I could not find a word for this. By the way, if you have any sense to understand the difference between 63 and 65, you can understand the tectonic changes on earth!
Finally, Mercedes CL63 AMG is a better car. It has a better transmission and more controllable engine. Don’t pay for more!
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