Running after Range Rovers

Range Rover Evoque, the most sexy mini SUV on planet. Actually the other one is BMW X1 and as usual it is not that sexy! That’s diet version of BMW X3, like Diet Coke which nobody drinks except women. Actually Mini will reveal a mini SUV called Countryman not designed for country sides or people who love country music. Just an obese Mini nothing that special, just pump more air to your too much popular Mini and you will have a Countryman.
The Evoque is offering something totally different. Until now, prototype cars were spotted in middle of nowhere and Nürburgring, Germany. So if you wish to have flash forward for automotive future, you have to go to Germany or to a desert. Both of the options are not the feasible! And this makes practically impossible to see a car which is covered with straps.
But Land Rover turned impossible to possible. If you are living or planning to visit London, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Sydney, Shanghai and Moscow; you will probably see one of the sexy strapped Range Rover Evoques. In press release document, it was mentioned that these prototypes will be included to testing. Really! In Milan? Sorry what are you going to test there, I can answer to this question. Land Rover will be testing the ability of Evoque’s boot to be filled with shopping bag of fashion designers. As you know that, even if you buy a micro sized item from those stores, they put into a box which is much bigger than your kitchen!
In New York, they would be comparing the ability getting away from American SUVs, average size of American SUVs are twice the size of a proper Range Rover. So you do the maths! In Paris, they will be testing the interior materials resistant to different meals. In Madrid, engineers will be escaping from angry bulls to test the acceleration ability of the vehicle, if they could survive.
London, the capital of finance! Best place to test how cool is Evoque! Probably they will hanging going around Mayfair and City to measure the attention from people among other vehicles. Moscow, the best place for testing cool weather resistance. If you spot a frozen Evoque, consider your decision again! Sao Paulo, probably engineers and Evoques will not return. Why? Have you ever watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! I guess you found the answer. They will not return, will you return? Of course not! A Range Rover and future Victoria’s Secret models; nobody returns.
Berlin, I guess they will be testing velocity of maximum (maximum speed) in unlimited German autobahns. Sydney? I really don’t know what they will do there. It is too far but good area for testing heat and driving on endless roads. Shanghai, I think they should have sent more cars to China. They are the future market of automotive. Even if only one percentage of Chinese decide to buy an Evoque, it will more than whole world demand. And why there is no car designated for Istanbul? We have everything :) Endless traffic, city off road area like extreme steep hills (I don’t know how the normal cars climb there), stop and go traffic for long long long hours, lots of young potential ready to buy iPhone, Louis Vuitton and Range Rover, and engineers can have good time :)
Anyway, there is one important point in here. How we can find these Evoques? Running around London for whole day? In Sao Paulo, nobody will run after Evoque, believe me. These cars should be reporting their position via twitter. There is a website called Foursquare which allows you to post your exact GPS position into your twitter account. Actually I don’t know why I should report my position to people but many people are using this. With the help of this website and twitter, the exact positions of these vehicles can be sent to twitter and people can find these cars more easily. Also Land Rover can measure the attention more accurately. It is very basic stuff, you should use it.
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Land Rover, BMW, Kitkette and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show