Porsche don’t enter to hand bag business!

Porsche 911, the perfection of automotive engineering and one of the best cars money can buy. Actually I should add this also, the most expensive way to get crazy! Porsche 911 is always one of the most expensive car on market, regardless of taxation or import duties, it is not a cheap car to buy anywhere on earth.
Like every German car, Porsche is charging for every kind of extra. Clear stop lamps extra, spoiler lip painted extra (I don’t know what that is!), painted model designation extra! This list goes forever. I do understand these painting thing for some big parts. But charging for “Painted headlamp cleaning system cover”, what the hell is this? I could not even find a proper picture to show this ultra extra small thing. In every car, including Kia, this is something standard. Especially when you pay more than €100000 to 911 Turbo.
Porsche ask for around €150 for painting this ridiculous part. Of course not finished; if you wish to clear your rear window whenever you wish, you have to pay €250 for rear wiper. Yes, rear wiper which is something standard in Dacia and is optional in Porsche!
I do know that, they want to make more money from every bit. And they studied their lesson from very well written economics books. But Porsche is selling 911s to very rich people and very rich people do not wish to pay extra for painted headlamp cleaning system cover! Because, they worked and saved so much to avoid these details.
Actually I understand Porsche very well, everything in Porsche is too serious. Really, that’s a too serious car company. From manufacturing to marketing, every single details is planned, programmed. Hopefully they are making 911s very well! And a result of this mechanic marketing approach to dynamic world, ends up with charging everything.
Let’s consider a similar luxury product to understand this thing more easily. Hermes bag, unisex model. You will probably pay for €3000 and hopefully everything is included to price. If Hermes decides to charge extra for name label €75 and for zipper €150 and painted zipper for €50, what would happen! Imagine a Porsche director decides to buy a Hermes bag (I know they won’t buy when they could have Porsche Design bag as free!) and Hermes opens a catalogue of optional extras which suppose to be standard, probably this person will freak out and leave the store. Because, she/he is expecting everything for that huge price tag!
Porsche, you are charging too much for a car and charging more for senseless details. Unfortunately nobody pays attention to rear wiper or coloured cleaning system cover. And Jeremy Clarkson is making fun of this bit on TV! I think Porsche should engage emotional senses adaption department to company. By this way, they could avoid funny detail from their lists!
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