Push-up bra for Range Rover

Range Rover again, nowadays it became the most popular car brand on earth. With the help of Evoque, all media gave a respectful space for Range Rover. However they have missed something. While media was busy with Evoque, Range Rover also announced the revised Range Rover for next year.
They are improvements on interior quality, revised electronic, increased luxury and comfort and etc. Also they replaced their 3,6lt V8 diesel engine with 4,4lt V8 diesel engine! Yes, while everyone is downsizing Land Rover decided to upsizing. I don’t know is there a word existing as upsizing. But Land Rover did something really good!
When I first drove the Range Rover 3,6lt diesel, I felt the lack of second turbo. Firstly turbo is the most important thing for diesel engine. Without turbo, diesel means nothing! And if you have a huge car and huge engine, you should have twin turbo to keep car moving seamlessly. But the previous engine did not have the second turbo and it was a bit annoying. I told this many times, even in here. And I think Land Rover understood my emotions about the second turbo.
And now, Range Rover has its push-up bra, twin turbo powered engine. This new 4,4lt diesel engine has two turbo and this means, it will be moving unbelievably fast for something which is less heavier than the moon. It has 310 horsepower and 700 nm torque. 700 nm torque means, it is too much for any type of passenger vehicle :) Also Range Rover is coupled with new 8 speed auto transmission and rotary gear knob which was made to reduce costs and share parts with Jaguar.
Last time, I drove the Range Rover the traction control was letting too much wheel spin which was not happening with Mercedes M Class. As far as I see from their press release, the revised traction system is more emotional and will not tolerate too much wheel spin. The last thing which annoyed me with Range Rover was the nose diving while braking. This was mentioned by many people due to heavy engine. Unless the chassis is revised, this problem cannot be removed. Anyway who really cares :) Now Range Rover is powered by push-up turbo diesel engine.
I really like everything except the front bumper, as Clarkson mentioned this new face lifted Range Rover is not as good looking as the pre face lifted model. I totally agree with him. This new front is not that good! Anyway, if you have lots of money buy one and try it :)
Pictures are taken from;
Agent Provocateur and Land Rover Websites