Blending Ford Fiesta, Oh Nooo !

Finally Ford introduced the Fiesta to US market. I am pretty sure that, it was a very hard decision to make. As usual, US market is not familiar with cars at the size of a spare tyre of a Hummer! For that reason, Ford US focused heavily on PR campaigns to develop positive word-of-mouth. In other words, Ford tried to make Fiesta as a lovable car for US consumers.
Actually, Fiesta is one of the best looking Ford model currently on range and I don’t think that Americans will ignore this fact after facing with catastrophic models on market. Actually I am always optimistic about the Fiesta in US market. US is a huge market and I am sure that some people would like to buy a small car with good looking design.
However Ford US was thinking in a different way and placed Fiesta in TV shows. That’s something very normal! But the important point is where to place it. And I saw one on YouTube!
There is a TV show or YouTube show called Will It Blend? And they are trying to blend things with blender. Guess what happened? They tried to blend part of Fiesta and they couldn’t make it. Actually I didn’t understand from this pointless footage.
Ford Fiesta is not that hopeless, I hope Ford US will not place its products this type of programmes again.

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