Three seater F1 by Ferrari, I don’t know why they made it!

If you are very rich person sometimes you have to face the realities of life. They might be nightmare for you. You have the but you cannot change those situations. For many years, very rich people satisfying their superb driving skills by purchasing former F1 cars. Mainly Ferrari is very good in this business. If you have lots of money and you don’t have anything to do rather than sleeping whole day, you can buy a Ferrari F1 car and drive it whenever you wish in Ferrari’s circuit.
Actually I don’t know the details about F1 experience but it should be something like this. The best way to increase the wealth of the company. Of course, you will have pit crew to support the car and they will be clapping their hands for your catastrophic circuit laps and you will feel like Schumacher.
These very rich people have friends and families. And it is quite hard to describe how you drive a F1 car. Especially if you have lots of money, telling this experience by just words are not enough. You should show them your excellent talent!
And now, the very very rich and very very non busy people can have their three seater F1 car from Ferrari. They made it, you can accommodate two of your friends or your relative or anyone and show how slow you can drive a Ferrari F1 car.
Actually I have no idea why Ferrari made something like this, most probably either for PR campaigns or for satisfying some rich customers. You know, some Ferrari customers are not happy with design and they asked for an estate Ferrari.
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