Feel the fire: Ferrari 458 Italia

Since I was a child, I do know that Ferrari is the hottest car on planet! However I thought the word “hot” was used literally until now. The new 458 Italia is a great replacement of F430. It is offering a new experience for Ferrari drivers. From steering wheel to elastic diffusers under the front bumpers, 458 Italia is full of surprises.
Like every Ferrari, 458 Italia is offering something very special. This hot can burn you down! Not literally. Unfortunately 458 Italia has some issues with fire and nearly ten of them caught fire. I know that Ferrari can burn you but I never thought it will be burn you like a meat inside a hamburger. Actually this is really weird, nowadays cars supposed to burn you with driving pleasure not with fire.
Current condition of 458 Italia reminded me a slogan from an advertisement campaign which will fit really well. Feel the Fire (Burger King)!
I don’t think anything would fit better than this to Ferrari 458 Italia. Actually 458 is a proper supercar, unlike other brand it is giving you everything. Passions, love, excitement and heat, lots of heat! This is the definition of a supercar. You have to feel the fire!
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