GQ Sections

I have been reading GQ UK Magazine for long time. I like the way they combine different topics together in one fashion magazine. You can find whatever you want in each issue. It is like a Swiss army knife magazines, if you want to learn life style start reading GQ. Especially the UK edition, because it is better!
However I have some concerns about GQ, as I mentioned they talk about everything but not everything all the time! Their car section is written by Celia Walden and Jason Barlow. Celia drove everything from tank to private jets and we know Jason from CAR and TopGear magazines. Despite the respectful contributors to car column, but I’ve never seen cars in their Style section. There are lots of things expects car. Actually cars are placed under “Entertainment”! GQ’s placement for cars is very interesting.
I know cars are entertaining but the stylish people do not drive cheap and dull looking cars. They spent fortune on stylish cars. Like, Range Rover Autobiography, Mercedes’s bespoke Designo, BMW Individual and many more. I am not expecting to see a diesel Volkswagen Passat Estate in Style section but they can place some of the cars under it.