A Ferrari for everything

Last week’s biggest thing was the Ferrari FF. The four-wheel drive, Ferrari! That’s true, Ferrari also involved with four-wheel drive fashion and they made a four-wheel drive Ferrari. This car is planned to be a replacement for Ferrari 612 (four seater) model.
This new all-terrain Ferrari has V12 engine which has 660 Italian horses inside :) And offers Ruote Motrici which is four-wheel drive system branded by Ferrari. And also it has carbon ceramic brakes, magnetic dampers and other common Ferrari things.
However this model offers something really interesting! Huge boot! This boot is so big, Ferrari FF can be offered as a commercial vehicle also. 450lt of empty space in a Ferrari and with rear seats down it is 800lt. I would like concentrate on two thing “rear seats down” and “Ferrari”. I have nothing to say, really nothing to comment on this. Ferrari’s customers feedback to Maranello, give us more space for boot! And my answer, go to a Mercedes dealer and order an E63 AMG Estate! For people who have no idea about boot space and sports car, I can give one explanation. Expecting a boot space in a Ferrari is like expecting to use Agent Provocateur underwear for gym! The same mentality.
Actually things are getting nastier with the design. This odd looking Ferrari reminded me one thing from the past. BMW Z3 Coupe! A car accidently designed to be a sports car. They really look the same. A weird coupe estate sport car! Do the judgement by yourself :)

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