Lotus: Future ?

In 1996, I was my first in Lotus in Germany. Unfortunately, I am not from the Lotus fan generation. Honestly, I am not a fan of Lotus, and I have never dreamed of driving one. I always found Lotus as a non-desirable or too intellectual! Lotus is a car to be driven by people whom I cannot even define them. I think Lotus could not manage to create an image in my mind.
Despite its unclear image and my weird associations, I do know that Lotus is excellent in terms of handling and steering wheel accuracy. They know what they are doing, but some of us are not aware of that! (Including me!) One of the reasons for this, I never seen a Lotus racing with a Ferrari or with a Porsche on TV. I know there were some Lotus cars and they were really fast but I am not that old. All I remember from Lotus; Top Gear track, Opel Astra’s suspension and next decades more exquisite car.
On TV, they always talk about football players’ transfer from one team to another but they never mention about the transfers like Lotus did. It was not mentioned on mass-media but Lotus made the most remarkable business transfer on automotive industry. Currently, they have the best people for their job and they know what they are doing. Honestly, Lotus has the best staff in automotive industry. They are not new graduates or people lack of passion, they are transferred from the brands which you cannot even imagine.
In my opinion, Lotus has the best people in business (I am repeating again) and I can say one thing very clearly. If these people cannot change the faith of Lotus, nobody could ever change it. Lotus is going to reveal five new models and if they fail, this means one thing. Close the Lotus, nothing can be done. You cannot find better and more experienced people, unless you are planning to transfer from outer space.
Give these people a shopping tray and wait for one year, then you will be wait list to buy one!!
These are the people who will create the new Lotus.
Wiebke Bauer – Director Licensing (From Ferrari)
Claudio Berro – Director of Motorsport (From Ferrari)
Donato Coco – Director of Design (From Ferrari)
Dr. Robert Hentschel – Director of Lotus Engineering (From EDAG)
Paul Newsome – Director of Product Engineering (Jaguar/Land Rover)
Michael Och – Director of Operations (From VW)
Stephan Pathenschneider – Cheif Operating Officer (From Mercedes AMG)
Andreas Prillmann – Chief Commercial Officer (From Ferrari)
Andreas Schlegel – Director of Global Marketing (From Aston Martin)
Wolf Zimmermann – Chief Officer Vehicle Engineering (From Mercedes AMG)

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