Audi: Vorsprung Durch Matryoshka

When I see a new Audi, I always remember the Russian doll matryoshka. These are placed one inside each other. Like new Audi range. When you buy an A8, you end up to A1 very easy! Thanks to their new design identity, each new Audi looks more similar to each other and becomes terribly hard to identify!
Recently I saw the new A1 and I could not understand whether it was A3 or not. I know, A1 is smaller and has a different design. But it is quite hard to understand the difference with bare eyes. You have to use electron microscope to identify it. Matryoshka syndrome has been seen in other German brands too, Mercedes and BMW were the kind of these. During ‘90s, Mercedes C Class, E Class and S Class were typically the same with each other. It was quite hard to understand the difference from far. But BMW made it worse and 3, 5 and 7 were nearly the same and you have to place your nose in front the bonnet to see the difference.
However, both BMW and Mercedes cured from this syndrome and now we can identify their models very clearly. In following decade, we will see this in new Audis also. Even though Audi has a significant place between BMW and Mercedes, there is still a long way to travel.





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