Schumacher Smile

There are two things are well known about Schumacher; he won F1 championship for seven times and he does not express any emotions. I just skipped the part, which he turned F1 into something boring by winning all the time.
Recently Mercedes realised that Schumacher is not smiling and losing the F1. So, they decided to show his sense of humour and proof that he can smile, despite the fact that his fans are overtaking him in each grand prix. Hamilton said, Schumacher is my childhood hero and now he is overtaking him. Really interesting condition! And this might be the cause why Schumacher never smiles on TV, my observation and interpretation. But the footage is changing everything! Schumacher Smile.
Let’s go back to Schumacher smile; Mercedes released this new footage to increase the motivation to for its pilots to overtake everyone else on grid, like last year everyone did it to Mercedes. Both Schumacher and Rosberg are sending each other drinks in a restaurant. Each time, they are sending something bigger and bigger. Similar to Mercedes’s engine range, bigger and useless (S65 AMG). In the end, Häkkinen is sending Redbull to each of them and footage finishes. What we learn from all these things? If you want to win, don’t release motivational footage, just win!

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