Diamond Ferrari Pendant

Ferrari Store is the highest limit of the Ferrari brand.  All over the world and on internet, Ferrari sells everything which has a place for the Ferrari Horse. You can find hundreds of different products with Ferrari logo. Many of them have no connection or related with Ferrari but they are named as Ferrari. Everyone knows this trick but we all buy the Ferrari products!
Time to time Ferrari sells pointless product on their store and expect people to buy them. As far as I understand, some people have no idea of consumption and influenced by the brands. And those people buy anything with Ferrari logo! I hope that I am not that bad :)
In my previous posts, I showed some of the interesting things from Ferrari Store. Bikinis, towels and etc. You can find them on their website very easily ( However, the last thing I found is totally insane. A Ferrari pendant with 104 (1 carat) diamonds and 18 carat gold. Come on Ferrari, who wants to have a Ferrari pendant? Especially a woman! People love Ferrari but this does not change one fact and that is, Ferrari is a car manufacturer. Whatever you offer in Ferrari Store cannot change this fact and wearing a car manufacturer logo as a pendant covered with diamonds is a big challenge. I think for that price, there are some better pendants and they have high competitive advantage :)
I really wish to know the sales performance of this product.

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