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This month’s GQ magazine placed different types of iPad covers. I am not going to discuss about each brand but some of them were quite interesting! Hermes and Louis Vuitton. These two luxury brands have very royal consumers, they buy everything for these brands. This can be understood the from the price tags iPad cases, LV is £250 and Hermes is £540.
Hermes iPad case is technically more expensive than the product which is supposed to be protecting. This totally weird and unusual conditions created an idea for automotive industry. If people are ready to pay more money to accessory than the main product, why we don’t use this model for automotive. But it may not be working this well, you cannot offer Hermes leather interior for BMW 7 Series at the price of £100,000! That would be totally pointless and ends up with financial accidents.
However, it is extremely clear that people are ready to pay extra money for luxury brands regardless of their functionality. And I think brands like Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Aston Martin and etc. can offer Hermes or Louis Vuitton leather interior. Bugatti did this with limited edition, it can be transferred to other brands also.
One of the other incentives to create this idea came from Google search results. I noticed that many people are looking for something special for the car interior leather. And I can assume that, they can pay extra couple of thousands for branded leather :)
My suggestion, Louis Vuitton interior may not look that good!

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