New Small Porsche

I like one thing with Porsche, even if you cannot afford to buy one, you can still buy a Porsche product from Porsche Design. I agree it does not give the same feeling but if you are into Porsche, their product would definitely satisfy you. This is similar to luxury handbag brands, like Louis Vuitton if you cannot afford to buy a decent size hand bag, they have other options to satisfy you. The other options are usually small leather goods but at least you have a LV!
Hopefully Porsche realised that, there are many people like me who are willing to own a Porsche but does not wish to save money for following next couple of decades. Or end up with Boxster, it is really a nice car but I would like to own a 911 or something with more Porsche genes. Eventually, Porsche is going to find a solution for this confusion. They recently announced that 550 Spyder will be built on 2014 summer. This car will be based on James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder and it will be powered by 1.6 litre engine that produces 200-horse power. 200 HP sounds really weak for a Porsche but don’t forget old Porsche cars had small engines!
Honestly, if they revealed this car I would be happy to buy one. It will be a contemporary interpretation of the old version. It may not be very fast but I am pretty sure that, it will have the Porsche handling characteristics. This would help us to ignore the sufficient engine power. And it is not the first time Porsche offers a small car with small engine.
Price starts from 35000€ and this makes Spyder even more attractive! I know many people will buy it but still it is good have a Porsche like this.

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