Pirelli Fashion PZero Fashion

I want to start with a simple question, what does Pirelli do? The answer is simple too, manufactures tires. Second question, what do you expect to buy from Pirelli? Car tires! Unfortunately, the second answer is wrong. Thanks to their brand extension strategy, you have the opportunity to buy whole range of fashion items from Pirelli, not only for men but also for women.
This new brand is called PZero and Renato Montagner is the creative director of PZero.
The whole collection is mainly concentrated on rubber, which is not something surprising. But the real surprise is the price tag! A rubber rain jacket for women is €590, a comfortable rubber high heels are €189!
The design concept is amazing, I cannot say anything negative about it. But the main problem is, who is going to buy them? The men department promise better future than the women. Still, why women ignore the other brands and pay €590 for a rubber rain jacket from Pirelli and €189 rubber high heels!
I really wish to have a chance to talk with their team about the future of PZero brand. I think they are trying to introduce PZero alternative to Porsche Design. Brush steel vs Rubber!
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