Brabus C Coupe

When you find the Bugatti Veyron over powered plus too expensive and, the new Ferrari F12berlinatta is not powerful enough for you. There is a solution to your dissatisfaction by Brabus. Brabus is an independent German company, which modifies the Mercedes-Benz cars. Actually, they turn Mercedes-Benz cars into monsters, this could be the best definition for the Brabus. Putting so much power and torque into a car that is supposed to be über comfortable is not a modification!
According to, Brabus will reveal Brabus Bullit Coupe at Geneva Motorshow. It will be based on the current C Coupe model and powered by a 6,3lt V12 engine with two turbo and producing 800PS plus 1420nm of torque. In order to keep the gearbox in one piece and not to place a gearbox from a truck, they limited the torque level to 1100nm. This remote control sized car with V12 can accelerate to 100 kph (62 mph) in 3,7 seconds and can keep going up to 370 kph (230 mph). Unfortunately, 100 kph acceleration is not that satisfying and it is due to huge amount of torque and being rear wheel driven.
In order to drive this car you need to sacrifice €500,000. I didn’t convert into other currencies, it is expensive at any currency on planet!

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