Bentley Mulsanne Technology Centre

Recently Bentley announced Mulliner version for the Mulsanne and if this did not satisfy your needs and you still want more. There is a new option! Mulsanne iPad Edition, sorry new interior option. Bentley offers state-of-art technology centre at the rear seats of the Mulsanne. You have chance to order one roof mounted 15,6-inch LED screen, also you can two 8-inch screens mounted to front headrests. Still you want more? You can have two iPad with keyboards mounted on the picnic tables and if you find iPad too big, you may order an iPod Touch with a unique application to control everything inside the car.
Lastly, there are some old school technology such as Tibaldi fountain pen yacht inspired wood trim and champagne cooler with crystal flutes.
I don’t mind about the screens or the Apple products, but I really like the yacht inspired wood trim, they should offer this for their whole car range.

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