New Ford Kuga

(I have recently tested the new Ford Kuga, here is the post)

Surprising news just came from the Ford. They released the photos of the face-lifted new Kuga that will be available next year. It was released in 2008 and after 4 years, that’s a normal face-lift schedule. However, existing Kuga still looks fine! But technical features and interior could not keep with the competitors. This SUV segment has a very tough competition as it is one of the most profitable one. Each competitor introduces new technologies and features in this segment, then the competitors seems relatively out-dated. 

Like the existing model, it has a great design. In my opinion, existing Kuga is one of the best looking medium size SUV on market. And it won’t look old even in future, why? Because the existing Kuga has inspiration from the wild animals. You may see these parts especially on the bonnet and muscular structure. This new Kuga is a refined interpretation of the existing one. You can see this, when you look close. Ford did not change the main stream lines of the Kuga but revised it!
New Kuga will feature 2-lt 140 PS turbo diesel and 1,6-lt EcoBoost 175 PS petrol engine. I am expecting to see the new 1-lt EcoBoost petrol as well in future. There are not information about the gearbox but I am sure they will offer double clutch auto in whole engine range! Please do it!
Ford assumes that new all-wheel drive system will act at least 20 times faster than the present one. They also realised that Kuga does not offer a good off-road experience. Its all-wheel drive system reluctant to act on adverse terrain conditions. 
Coolest feature of the Kuga is the foot movement operated tailgate! I love this thing, it is available with Mercedes-Benz and BMW models. And it is really functional and creative, probably people like me break it down after playing too many times :)
And please Ford, dress up the models betters for the shooting! They still have the boring family atmosphere. Kuga is not boring!
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