History of Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Video)

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the oldest big luxury sedan on automotive market, since 1951 S-Class introduced milestone technology and safety to industry. Like some people say, what you see in S-Class will be in your car a decade later. S-Class is the projection of future mobility! I did start from a fanatic perspective to S-Class, however I am not a fan of S-Class! It is too big for me and looks too serious, if I need to buy a big size luxury sedan, I would try my chance with Maserati Quattroporte or may be Jaguar XJ or may be BMW 7-Series. The last two options are viable, if the Maserati is not available!
Anyway, I found a nearly twenty-minute long video of S-Class’s history. It is made by Mercedes-Benz for their online TV channel. It is a bit long but worth to watch it. Video narrates the S-Class’s innovative technologies to automotive industry with making you bored of too many technological details.
Even though, I am harsh with S-Class time-to-time, I cannot ignore the fact that, it is the safest sedan on planet. The safety technologies of S-Class always pioneered the industry and will do so. From ABS to infrared night vision camera!
Here is the list of S-Class (Vehicles are represented by their internal codes). Some of the years are collapsing with each other but it was like this on video. Pictures are in historical order!
1951 – 1954
1954 – 1959
1959 – 1968
1965 – 1972
1972 – 1980
1979 – 1991
1991 – 1998
1998 – 2005
2005 – 2013

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