Mercedes Citan

Mercedes finally introduced its new small van segment vehicle, Citan. Unlike other van vehicles, Mercedes treated the Citan like a passenger vehicle. PR materials, photos and event were like a new passenger vehicle is going to be introduced. The reason for this, Mercedes assumes that this segment is really fast growing and planning to capture %4 or %5 with Citan.
From the photos, I can say that it promises futures and offers the safety gadgets that can be found in their passenger vehicles. However, the critical point is the price! If Mercedes will offer a competitive price, I sure about its future. On the other hand, Mercedes always succeed in van segment with other vehicles, so I won’t be surprised when they achieve the same with this.
Engine options are two diesel (75 PS and 110 PS) and one petrol (114 PS). Adaptive ESP, Direct Steering, ECO Start/Stop, and more are available. These are all from the Mercedes press material, I will update as more information is revealed.
By the way, the front reminds me the upcoming new A-Class!

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