Goodwood Speed of Festival: Mercedes SL 63 AMG

Mercedes SL 63 AMG, what to say more ? 5,5-lt V8 engine produces 537 PS (564 PS with performance package)! And SL 63 AMG needs only 4,3 seconds to reach 100 kph (62 mph). Mercedes SL 63 AMG was presented during the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week and I had the unique opporutnity to look closer.
Production quality of the Mercedes SL 63 AMG is improved, especially you feel the improved quality in interior. I was not happy with some of the plastic interior parts in previous Mercedes SL. They were destroying the harmony of the interior and hopefully, Mercedes reduced the amount of plastic and improved the quality of existing plastic for interior. For exterior, SL 63 AMG does not look that aggressive. And I liked it, when the car is more aggressive customers purchase them to show-off, when the car does not look aggressive, it turns into an exclusive one. And Mercedes SL 63 AMG looks more exclusive rather than aggressive. So, it is cooler now!
Overall, Mercedes SL 63 AMG offer better quality, better design, more exclusive and obviously more competitive with exclusive brands. Now I can say that SL brand is more independent than the Mercedes brand. And Mercedes had to do this, in order to improve the competitiveness of the SL to Aston Martin, Maserati and Ferrari.