Jimmy Choo Features Nicole Kidman with Mercedes SL

Jimmy Choo features the Nicole Kidman for the autumn winter 2013 collection advertisement. The video was rolling more than one month, so you already watched. However, this video points out why Jimmy Choo is more expensive than many other brands! Celebrity endorsement! Okay, that’s not the only cause of the high priced tag but you would never see Nicole Kidman at Aldo shoes advertisement.

Nicole Kidman features inside a Mercedes SL (R107) from 1980s. 1980s Mercedes SL was Jr’s favourite from Dallas :)

If you are thinking what is Jimmy Choo? Quick answer; Jimmy Choo is a British shoes, handbags and accessories brand attached with nice price tags :)

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Animal Print Bikini and Mercedes SL | All Time Classics

Animal printed bikini and Mercedes SL, sounds quite contradiction but, they managed to stay as icon for decades. Mercedes SL may not be the most charming or the most sportive or enjoyable roadster. However we cannot ignore that Mercedes SL is one of the oldest roadster in the market, more than a half century. And that’s how Mercedes SL became the all time classic.
I think animal print in fashion is like the Mercedes SL! It is not the best design, or not the most creative texture. But it is the all time classic.
As we are in the middle of the hot summer (Except UK), you might be interested to see some of the animal print beach wear and the Mercedes SL!

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-Print Triangle Bikini

Charlie by Matthew Zink Paulina Animal-Print Swimsuit 

Agent Provocateur Tabby Leopard-Print Toweling Bikini Top
Agent Provocateur Tabby Leopard-Print Toweling Bikini Briefs

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Goodwood Speed of Festival: Mercedes SL 63 AMG

Mercedes SL 63 AMG, what to say more ? 5,5-lt V8 engine produces 537 PS (564 PS with performance package)! And SL 63 AMG needs only 4,3 seconds to reach 100 kph (62 mph). Mercedes SL 63 AMG was presented during the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week and I had the unique opporutnity to look closer.
Production quality of the Mercedes SL 63 AMG is improved, especially you feel the improved quality in interior. I was not happy with some of the plastic interior parts in previous Mercedes SL. They were destroying the harmony of the interior and hopefully, Mercedes reduced the amount of plastic and improved the quality of existing plastic for interior. For exterior, SL 63 AMG does not look that aggressive. And I liked it, when the car is more aggressive customers purchase them to show-off, when the car does not look aggressive, it turns into an exclusive one. And Mercedes SL 63 AMG looks more exclusive rather than aggressive. So, it is cooler now!
Overall, Mercedes SL 63 AMG offer better quality, better design, more exclusive and obviously more competitive with exclusive brands. Now I can say that SL brand is more independent than the Mercedes brand. And Mercedes had to do this, in order to improve the competitiveness of the SL to Aston Martin, Maserati and Ferrari. 



Monster is back: Mercedes SL 65 AMG

And it is back. Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG! Honestly, I am not fan of this meaninglessly powerful engine.  Because, it is so powerful and makes so hard to control the car. The previous engine was 612 PS with 1000 nm of torque, this one has more power! 630 PS with two turbos and the same torque level. This torque level is very very high and that’s main problem why all 65 family flashes the traction control all the time. Rear wheels cannot cope with this enormous power. Despite this monster engine, the new SL65 AMG achieves to reach 100 kph (62 mph) in 4,0 seconds. In my opinion this engine has to be used only with four-wheel drive, otherwise it is wasting power!
Hopefully, Mercedes got rid of the five-speed auto gearbox and paired this monster with 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox, however it is not double clutch. The main problem is the enormous amount of torque makes gearbox heavy and expensive, therefore Mercedes stick with the traditional automatic gearbox.
Mercedes also produced the boot lid from carbon fibre to save weight, five kg. In overall, this models is not 1950 kg and 170 kg lighter than previous model. But the top speed is still limited to 250 kph.
I still find no point to buy this car, it is better to stick with SL 63 AMG!
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5980 cc
Bore x stroke
82.6 x 93.0 mm
Compression ratio
463 kW(630 hp) at 4800-5400 rpm
Max. torque
1000 Nm
at 2300-4300 rpm*
Vehicle weight acc. to EC
1950 kg
Fuel consumption, NEDC combined
11.6 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
270 g/km
Efficiency class
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
4.0 seconds
Top speed
250 km/h*
* electronically limited

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New Mercedes SL Catalogue Shooting

Today I want to share with you the backstage of new Mercedes SL’s catalogue shootings. In previous years, car manufacturers never released the back stage of catalogue shootings, however nowadays cars turn into a fashion item more than a transportation instruments or symbol of status. The engagement of fashion definitely increases the awareness and also attracts new customers who were not interested before.
Fashion engagement is to alter the image of the brand and the car. During the years, Mercedes sponsored Fashion Shows and introduced their cars like a fashion item. This would definitely improve the brand image and diminish the adverse notions previous associated with the car. When a car is associated with fashion people perceive it in a different way, in addition this changes the target audiences as well. Some of the previous customers may find to less muscular for them! Sometimes this change is necessary to improve the brand image!
And interestingly, Mercedes did not place a fully loaded SL! There is not a distronic plus radar in front of the SL. How I know it? If there is a distronic plus radar present in the SL, the Mercedes logo will not have the holes, instead it will be a glossy plastic. 
Model is Lara Stone and collection is from Calvin Klein.
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Poor Mercedes 500 SL

I recently saw this poor 1988 model Mercedes 500 SL. I am saying poor because, this iconic car’s left window is covered with nylon bag and duct tape. As you can imagine, the owner is quite poor as well. How I know this! If you someone buys a 24 years old 5-lt V8 petrol powered SL and covers the missing driver window with nylon bag; I can assume one thing. Owner of this car loves Mercedes SL but, it is out of the budge. So, the best solution is to buy an old one.
Sounds like a good idea but does not work with when you have a problem. Even though, the car is 24 years old, Mercedes service is very fresh to charge you bills with lots of zeros. So, if you are planning to buy a car cheaper than an iPhone, just consider the service as well.
Whenever I see this car, I always remember the first time I saw this on the cover of Auto-Motor-und-Sport 1989 annual issue! It was on the cover. Time is passing so quickly.


New Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Today Mercedes released the photos and information about the new SL 63 AMG! I hope there won’t be SL 65 AMG, because with these performance figure, it will be really meaningless to offer it. Anyway, this new SL 63 AMG offers more power than ever, there is no point to have more!
So, I need to mention about the engine. Unfortunately, the engine is the same as the outgoing model 5,5-lt twin turbo V8, which produces 537PS or 564PS and 800nm or 900nm of torque. Why I did use the “or”. Because, Mercedes offers additional AMG Performance Package that will give you extra horse power, torque, handling, accuracy and 300 kph (186 mph) top speed. I can assume that with the Performance Package, you would have relatively slow, relative less handling and relatively under powered car.
Anyway, let’s go back to figures. Finally, Mercedes managed to reduce the weight by using aluminium and carbon fibre overall the car. I don’t mean the carbon fibre used in interior design. They used them in proper way. By doing this, this new SL 63 AMG is 1845 kg, less than 2-tonnes is a very good job for a car that offers ventilated seats and radar guided cruise control.
Unfortunately, the AMG engine is not capable of revving very high rpm. I really don’t know why but it is limited with 5500 rpm. Again unfortunately, new BMW 3,0-lt triple turbo powered diesel does the same rpm level. And Ferrari 458 can go up to 9000 rpm! Sometimes Mercedes thinks too much about comfort. Just rev the engine as much as possible :)
When it comes to acceleration, the relative slow model needs 4,3 seconds for 100 kph (62mph) and faster model needs 4,2 seconds! But, the main point is the acceleration while on move, because this new engine has lots of torques. And lots of torques mean one thing, you can accelerate like nothing on this earth! And all these power is sent by 7-speed double clutch gearbox.
I am pretty sure that Mercedes again achieved to make a very powerful sport car that can be driven at lower speed and inside the city. The main problem of very fast cars, they are terrible as low speeds. The gearbox is annoying, there is rear view, suspension is pain and it goes like that. However, Mercedes is perfect combining the both and making a car driveable while, you are going slow.
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Interview with Rob Halloway (Mercedes-Benz UK)

Today’s interview is with Rob Halloway, PR Manager of Mercedes-Benz UK. He is the person responsible for the passenger and commercial vehicles, and one of the most active Twitter users from the automotive industry. We know each other through the Twitter and the MIPAA.
From the beginning, Mercedes-Benz did a great hospitality for me. They picked me up from the train station with a Mercedes C350 Coupe. It was a fully loaded vehicle with everything, radar guided cruise control, blind spot system, traffic sign recognition, and ventilated seats! Five-star transportation.
Mercedes-Benz HQ is always amazing place for someone, who likes cars. They have many different types of vehicles in one place, from trucks to AMG high performance vehicles. Actually, my best piece was Lego Unimog that has more than one thousand parts and takes around at least six hours to build it!
With Rob, we talked about the new Mercedes vehicles. In 2011 and 2012 Mercedes revealed many new vehicles; SLK, CLS, SL, M-Class, B-Class and Actros truck. He summarised each vehicles’ unique feature and explained the new crash prevention system in B-Class.
In addition, we talked about the social media, its role in automotive industry and whom should manage it!
And, his journey with the Actros truck for a camping trip! And you will see what he drive at work ;)

Again, thank you very much to all Mercedes-Benz team for their great hospitality :)

The Actros camping post is here!

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New Mercedes SL (R231)

Finally we have the new Mercedes SL (R231) ! After waiting for nine years, the new SL is now available. And as I expected, the new SL follows the patterns of its design DNA. According to photos, matte is now available with the new SL!

Hopefully the new SL is 300kg lighter to preceding model. As you might know SL is the abbreviation of super light in German. But exciting models were not that close to super light category!

Like always, it is the best-looking Mercedes! Each new SL makes the other vehicles looks ugly, sorry!

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Soft-top Mercedes CL

For last one decade, Mercedes has a rumour for a soft-top CL! Every five years, periodically there is a rumour emerges about a new CL soft-top model. But nothing happens! Like previous times, there is a rumour on internet about soft-top CL for next model. This time, it is different, rumour claims that Mercedes is satisfied the demand to SLS AMG soft-top and they consider the soft CL more seriously!
A soft-top CL might a nice alternative but there is a car called SL and that is topless too! However, it is only two-seater. If Mercedes can create a clear distinction between SL and CL soft-top clearly, they won’t overlap with each other. SL is a two-seater topless and CL soft-top is a 2+2.

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