New Volkswagen Golf

New Volkswagen Golf. I know you might be thinking, this Golf new why there is a new Golf. Volkswagen decided to replace the existing model in five-year time, instead of seven-year and this is mainly due to fundamental changes in the manufacturing strategy of Volkswagen. With the new modular MQBplatform, new Golf saved 100 kg. And also manufacturing costs are lower.
Anyway, let’s go back to new Golf. New Golf looks much better than the existing one, offers more aggressive look. And get rid of the conservative family hatchback. That was the only thing, I never liked with the Golf, conservative family hatchback. However, Seat and Audi offer more aggressive looking cars and I wanted to see an aggressive looking Golf. Hopefully, Volkswagen achieved this with the new Golf. In terms of interior design, new Golf is improved and the gap between the Audi is now razor thin.
The new Golf also offers more technology. Now Golf features multi-collision brake (Brakes the car after the accident occurs and prevents vehicle to move unintentionally), PreCrash system (Detects a potential crash and pre-tensions the seatbelts, closes windows and sunroof), radar guided Adaptive Cruise Control, city emergency brake (Brakes the vehicles, if the collision is impossible to avoid), XDS electronic differential lock, traffic sign recognition, 360-degree camera view for parking, lane assistant, fatigue detection system and five different driving profiles (Eco, Sport, Normal, Individual and Comfort) only available with adaptive chassis control system.
Basically, new Volkswagen Golf offers every new German technology with reasonable price tag. You have chance to buy a super high-tech Golf with a reasonable price and you don’t have to bear very high costs of upper segment.
Engines are 1.2-lt TSi petrol (85 PS), 1.4-lt TSi (140 PS) and diesel engines are 105 PS and 150 PS. All engines offers six and seven-speed DSG double clutch automatic gearbox.
The new Volkswagen is going to set a new benchmark for family hatchback segment and definitely capture many potential Audi A3 customers.
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