Louis Vuitton L’Invitation au Voyage Advertisement Campaign: Video and Collection

Louis Vuitton L’Invitation au Voyage campaign started one week ago, I suppose many of you watched the advertisement on YouTube. Before this campaign, I did not have very encouraging feelings for LV brand. The main reason is, LV brand became an icon for posing and representing the personal wealth to society. Therefore, LV’s production quality and unique design vanished from my horizon.

However the L’Invitation au Voyage campaign totally changed my perception to LV. The main point that changed my perception is the background music in the advertisement (Music: In the House, In a Heartbeat). LV preferred a non-popular song and this helped the LV brand to move away from the popular culture. If the music was from Rihanna, I don’t think that the advertisement would give the same impression.

The other point was the Mona Lisa. This reflected the cultural heritage of LV. They wanted to associate the LV brand with the best-known painting and transfer its associations to LV brand. And I think they achieved this! Lastly, nothing is exaggerated  in the LV advertisement, everything is in perfect harmony. There is nothing that disturbs or annoys you. I wish, we can see this harmony in real life as well.

My perception changed to Louis Vuitton, but still I don’t like their classic brown model :)
And here is the collection from the L’Invitation au Voyage campaign. But I couldn’t find the same pump high heels on Louis Vuitton’s web site.

The Collection from L’Invitation au Voyage

Lock Me Cuff £605


Large Monogram Résille Band Ring in Yellow Gold £2050

Speedy Bandouliére 25 £1430 (Handbag)

Bernice High Heeled Pump in Satin £910

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