Alfa Romeo MiTo vs Racing Bike in Silverstone

Alfa Romeo MiTo, my all time favourite car. I know many people say, it is Alfa Romeo and etc etc etc. But truth is not like that, thanks to Fiat engineering and innovative technology, MiTo is the combination of art and engineering. Literally, the perfect! Who said this? Leonardo DaVinci!
Recently, Alfa Romeo UK decided to create a viral video for the Alfa MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde SBK Limited Edition. This MiTo is powered by 1.4-lt Quadrifoglio engine with 180 HP of power and Brembo brakes with the optional carbon fibre pack! Let’s go back to topic, MiTo SBK viral video is based on MiTo and racing bike.
This may sound a bit usual but the reality is, bike overtakes the MiTo while the car was on two wheels in a corner and on a wet surface in Silverstone Circuit. Don’t worry nothing gone wrong, if something was gone you would have heard on TV.
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